Thursday, 27 March 2008

Retrospective F.O.s

While I was putting details of Fos onto Ravelry I realised what a limited range of colours I knit with. There’s nothing very garish in there, it’s all a bit muted. Also, I haven’t taken photos of loads of thing I’ve knitted as gifts so it looks as though I only ever knit for myself! What I should do is get people to model their gifts for me but I never quite get around to that. I don’t even get around to having photos of myself taken and end up resorting to “jumper laid out on table” shots. Maybe one day I’ll blow dry my hair and have a photo taken to go on my blog - maybe.

A couple of my old Fos now . The Retro Redux Shrug from Lace Style is very popular and my version is not one of the best I’ve seen but it was a quick, enjoyable knit. All the shaping is done by changing needle sizes rather than increasing / decreasing so it’s a good choice for knitting while watching TV. This was my first version, knitted in the leftover New Lanark DK from the Tomten, so it is a bit rough and scratchy. I wear it as an extra layer over fitted jumpers - this isn’t a soft summer yarn. It’s the only pattern I’ve knitted from the Lace Style book so far although there are a few things in there which I like - the Essential Tank Top is pretty and I like the look of the Lacy Waves Top.

My little beige bolero was on of the first garments I knitted for myself and although my sewing up looks awful I’m still fond of this. The Jaeger Chunky Merino wool was in the sale at John Lewis so I bought a bag. Later I saw the Lana Grossa pattern (from Filati magagine 32, model 20) and decided to have a go. It’s knit across, rather than from the top up and I made mine a bit longer by adding an extra pattern repeat. The band is different too, it’s the opposite way round from the pattern. European patterns are written in a different style and I found this a bit tricky- it’s not written row by row, there’s more of an overall description of the stitch pattern and final shape you’re trying to achieve. It was fine when I got the hang of it. The little bolero has had quite a bit of wear and makes a very cosy extra layer in winter.

Now that the Falling Leaves wristwarmers are finished (I love them) I'm back working on the cabled cardigan for my nephew. I've just started the sleeves and have decided to knit them both at once -not sure if this is a good idea or not but I'm giving it a try. Haven't knitted through many football matches lately- not even the Scotland game last night. Big old firm game coming up at the weekend and as usual the hype is at fever pitch. I'm glad I've got my knitting!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

New Works in Progress

I have 2 new projects on the go. The first is for my gorgeous little nephew, who will be 2 in June. It’s a cabled cardigan from the Sirdar Cheeky Chinos booklet. I’m using Jaeger matchmaker merino DK (I bought a bag from the craft show at the SECC ) . I like the way it’s looking so far but then I’ve only done the back and a little bit of the front. It’s design J from the booklet and I’m doing the version with a collar. I had thought of knitting this really quickly and sending it as part of an Easter gift but that’s out the window. Even though I’m enjoying knitting this I somehow managed to get caught up on Ravelry and discovered the Falling Leaves Wrist Warmers by Alexandra Brink. Now, I don’t need wrist warmers (I’ve got through life so far without even thinking about them) but I really wanted to knit them.

I’ve finished the left one and I have to say I love this pattern! It’s simple, clear and really beautiful. On one side it's lacy, on the other there is a mock cable stitch using slipped stitches.

I’m using Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK which was left over from a shrug I knitted as a Christmas gift. I’m still not sure how much wear I’ll get from a pair of elbow length fingerless mittens / wrist warmers but I’m loving knitting them. It's taken me a little while to appreciate Ravelry but browsing their patterns section is fantastic and you can easily lose a couple of hours and then end up starting a new project. I think I'll go and have another look now.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Long Time No Post

I haven't posted for ages but I have been knitting. For the last few weeks I haven't had access to a digital camera and to post without pictures is pointless. It's been sunny today and I have photographing just about everything I could find that I have knitted or crocheted. This is in an attempt to make my ravelry page look a bit healthier - I have made stuff, honest!

Photographing my stuff has made me realise how bad a photographer I am- even some of the garments I really like look a bit rubbish. I may get around to posting details of previous FO's here at some point but I'll concentrate on what I have worked on since my last post for Today.

Anise Jacket: this has been sitting almost finished for weeks and I finally got around to doing the collar and finding buttons. I pretty much followed the Rowan pattern but I made buttonholes- I'm not a fan of poppers. I used 7 skeins of Rowan Big Wool in Lucky which I'm told pills a lot but for the moment it looks good. The wool cost me £1.99 a skein from Hobbycraft so it was a bargain (I wouldn't have paid full price for this yarn). At the same time I bought 9 skeins in Latte for the same price so I have to decide what to use that for. I've got a few ideas but can't make up my mind.

Beret: I've become a fan of Let's Knit magazine and that's where I got the idea for what to do with some leftover Big Wool from Anise. The Renee Beret on 20mm needles is so quick to knit and the big needles make it a bit of a novelty. The patterns actually calls for Little Big Wool but the Big Wool knits up nice and chunky. I used 9mm needles for the brim and crown and decided to knit in moss rather than stocking stitch for a bit more texture (I love moss stitch and double moss stitch). I like the result and it's a comfortable hat to wear. The pattern is free on the Let's Knit website here.

Wish Scarf: Another pattern from Let's knit. I was in Hobbycraft in Glasgow a few weeks ago and saw Rowan Tapestry yarn. I remembered a pattern from the magazine which needed only 1 skein so I bought one, got home and started knitting. It's quite a fun pattern with lots of wrapping yarn around the needle but as I knitted I realised I would never get a full length scarf out of one skein. So, I had to go and buy another one, which was annoying but I've ended up with quite a nice scarf. The yarn is interesting, a wool and soy blend, with a sort of delicate sheen.
I also finished the Ranco Multi socks from the previous post, having put them aside to work on the projects above and I knitted one Big Wool mitten. I'm not sure why I did this as I don't like mittens, especially big chunky ones and I doubt I'll ever knit the second one. I have also started two more projects which I will post details of later- I don't want to overdo it on the posting front after such a long lay off!