Thursday, 14 February 2008

More Socks - but from the toe up

I have really been enjoying my first attempt at toe up socks. I fancied learning a new technique but the real reason I wanted to knit these socks from the toe up is so I can use as much of the lovely Ranco Multi yarn as possible. Having looked at a couple of different patterns / methods I decided to use the DVD with this month's Let's Knit magazine as a guide. It has a very clear tutorial on crochet provisional cast on and short row toe and I found it really helpful.

The picture shows the short row toe before the waste yarn has been removed, ready to begin working in the round. I wanted my socks to be plain so I referred to the sock pattern Lorelei in the same magazine to help with the short row heel (basicallly it's the same as the toe) but ignored the diamond stitch. I have finished the first sock and it feels lovely on. I used 2.5mm needles for the foot and lower leg then moved on to 2 by 2 rib with 2.75mm, then 3mm on the leg. This makes the sock a bit "slouchy" which is what I wanted as I plan to wear them around the house.

I will definitely knit more socks from the toe up, although I do like a reinforced heel flap. Now, at least I have a choice.