Thursday, 20 March 2008

New Works in Progress

I have 2 new projects on the go. The first is for my gorgeous little nephew, who will be 2 in June. It’s a cabled cardigan from the Sirdar Cheeky Chinos booklet. I’m using Jaeger matchmaker merino DK (I bought a bag from the craft show at the SECC ) . I like the way it’s looking so far but then I’ve only done the back and a little bit of the front. It’s design J from the booklet and I’m doing the version with a collar. I had thought of knitting this really quickly and sending it as part of an Easter gift but that’s out the window. Even though I’m enjoying knitting this I somehow managed to get caught up on Ravelry and discovered the Falling Leaves Wrist Warmers by Alexandra Brink. Now, I don’t need wrist warmers (I’ve got through life so far without even thinking about them) but I really wanted to knit them.

I’ve finished the left one and I have to say I love this pattern! It’s simple, clear and really beautiful. On one side it's lacy, on the other there is a mock cable stitch using slipped stitches.

I’m using Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK which was left over from a shrug I knitted as a Christmas gift. I’m still not sure how much wear I’ll get from a pair of elbow length fingerless mittens / wrist warmers but I’m loving knitting them. It's taken me a little while to appreciate Ravelry but browsing their patterns section is fantastic and you can easily lose a couple of hours and then end up starting a new project. I think I'll go and have another look now.