Thursday, 27 March 2008

Retrospective F.O.s

While I was putting details of Fos onto Ravelry I realised what a limited range of colours I knit with. There’s nothing very garish in there, it’s all a bit muted. Also, I haven’t taken photos of loads of thing I’ve knitted as gifts so it looks as though I only ever knit for myself! What I should do is get people to model their gifts for me but I never quite get around to that. I don’t even get around to having photos of myself taken and end up resorting to “jumper laid out on table” shots. Maybe one day I’ll blow dry my hair and have a photo taken to go on my blog - maybe.

A couple of my old Fos now . The Retro Redux Shrug from Lace Style is very popular and my version is not one of the best I’ve seen but it was a quick, enjoyable knit. All the shaping is done by changing needle sizes rather than increasing / decreasing so it’s a good choice for knitting while watching TV. This was my first version, knitted in the leftover New Lanark DK from the Tomten, so it is a bit rough and scratchy. I wear it as an extra layer over fitted jumpers - this isn’t a soft summer yarn. It’s the only pattern I’ve knitted from the Lace Style book so far although there are a few things in there which I like - the Essential Tank Top is pretty and I like the look of the Lacy Waves Top.

My little beige bolero was on of the first garments I knitted for myself and although my sewing up looks awful I’m still fond of this. The Jaeger Chunky Merino wool was in the sale at John Lewis so I bought a bag. Later I saw the Lana Grossa pattern (from Filati magagine 32, model 20) and decided to have a go. It’s knit across, rather than from the top up and I made mine a bit longer by adding an extra pattern repeat. The band is different too, it’s the opposite way round from the pattern. European patterns are written in a different style and I found this a bit tricky- it’s not written row by row, there’s more of an overall description of the stitch pattern and final shape you’re trying to achieve. It was fine when I got the hang of it. The little bolero has had quite a bit of wear and makes a very cosy extra layer in winter.

Now that the Falling Leaves wristwarmers are finished (I love them) I'm back working on the cabled cardigan for my nephew. I've just started the sleeves and have decided to knit them both at once -not sure if this is a good idea or not but I'm giving it a try. Haven't knitted through many football matches lately- not even the Scotland game last night. Big old firm game coming up at the weekend and as usual the hype is at fever pitch. I'm glad I've got my knitting!