Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Lost and Found

This is my gorgeous little nephew wearing the cabled cardigan. As you can see he is being held so he can't escape or the picture would just be a blur. Well, I'm just glad he got to try it on at all because for the last fortnight it has been missing. I sent it first class with Royal Mail and it didn't turn up. Now it is not a valuable item but I did put a fair bit of work into it and was so disapointed when I thought it had gone for ever. To give the postal service their due they did deliver it eventually. I thought the cardigan might be too small but his mother thinks it's fine and has plenty of stretch in it. I'm making slow progress on the cheeky monkey jumper (one sleeve still to be knitted) but I'm looking forward to finishing the monkey face. I don't know if I'll trust Royal Mail with it when it's finished- I might just wait until I can deliver it to the little whirlwind myself.